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Annual Village Show 2017

This year's winners at the Annual Village Show:

Jayne Potter for bakery and jams

Annette Clayton for flowers

Bob Field for fruit and vegetables

Bob Field won the Overall Cup


Classes for September 9th 2017


NB new class 'Garden Art' see Section 7



Fruit and Vegetables


1.    10 pods of peas on a plate

2.    4 large tomatoes

3.    6 runner beans

4.    1 cucumber

5.    Longest runner bean

6.    1 lettuce

7.    6 beans (any variety, not runners)

8.    2 peppers (any variety)

9.    4 round white onions

10.  4 white potatoes

11.  4 round red onions

12.  4 coloured potatoes

13.  6 shallots

14.  The largest potato

15.  2 courgettes

16.  1 cabbage

17.  The largest marrow

18.  3 leeks

19.  4 carrots

20.  Collection of culinary herbs

21.  4 beetroot

22.  Any other vegetable

23.  A dish of 8 cherry tomatoes

24.  Most pest ridden vegetable

25.  Comedy vegetable

26.  3 pears

27.  Dish of raspberries(with stalks)

28.  5 plums

29.  3 eating apples


Wash vegetables and fruit carefully with a soft cloth and plenty of water

• Most vegetables and fruit can be placed directly on the show bench (stalks, if any, facing same way)

• Potatoes should be same size with shallow eyes and free from blemishes.  Place on plate.

• Onion tops should be bent over and tied using raffia or string.  Roots neatly trimmed back to the base.  Show onions on rings or soft collars (sections from cardboard toilet rolls are ideal)




Flowers (in containers)

30.  5 dahlias 31.  Michaelmas daisies

32.  5 pom pom dahlias, not exceeding 2”/52cm 33.  Single rose (one bloom)

34.  5 nasturtiums                35.  3 roses (mixed)

36.  5 chrysanthemums 37.  Miniature rose (one stem)

38.  3 gladioli 39.  Mixed annuals

40.  Small bunch of marigolds 41.  5 sweet peas

42.  Container of mixed garden foliage (maximum 5 stems)


Check number of flowers asked for – too many or too few may not be judged

• Try to arrange flowers so they face the front – oasis, scrunched up plastic bags, cellophane or cling

film can be used.


Flowers (in pots not exceeding 7”/178mm)

43.  Any houseplant in a pot

44.  A geranium, pelargonium or fuchsia

45.  A cactus


Flower Art

46. A vase of garden flowers from own garden       47. A table arrangement (maximum 18 inches)




Jams and Chutneys (in jars)

49.  Jam (any variety) 50.  Lemon curd

51.  Marmalade (any variety) 52.  Chutney (any variety)

Use plain jars without trade names.  Lids should be twist tops (not too tight so the judges cannot open them), pliable press-on covers or a wax disc covered with a cellophane top.

• Wax disc not needed under twist top or pliable plastic cover.

• Jars should be full.




53. 3 hens’ eggs (brown)                                          54. 3 hens’ eggs (any colour)

55. 3 bantam eggs

Eggs should be clean and not cracked



Home Baking

56. 5 Fruit scones                                                      57. A fruit cake (see below)

58. A wholemeal loaf (see below)                            59. A variety loaf of bread

60. 4 plain shortbread

61. A 3 egg Victoria sandwich sponge max.8 inches(Raspberry jam filling, plain top-castor sugar only)

Entries covered in clear plastic bags

• Please write ingredients on label

• For the wholemeal loaf a breadmaking machine may be used

• Please ensure baking is as cool as possible –cutting warm cakes is a bit of a nightmare.

• Due to Food Safety Act 1991 entries should not contain raw eggs or soft cheese



Children’s classes

• Date of birth on entry form

• Age at 26th September 2015

• Parents to guide and give appropriate help


7 years and under


Tallest sunflower

Heaviest amount of potatoes in a pot


8-11 years


Tallest sunflower

Heaviest amount of potatoes in a pot



• Heaviest potatoes – bring your pot along on the day to be weighed

• Sunflowers to be measured arrangements to follow



New this year!  Garden Art Competition   Prizes



Feeling creative? Make something to decorate your front garden!

Could be a scarecrow, a flower pot man, a planter, a sculpture. The garden is

your oyster, let your imagination run riot!

Google home made garden art to give you some ideas.


• Try to use recycled or recyclable materials

• Entry form in by Wednesday 6th September, collect forms from bus stop

• Return the form and £2 entry fee to either Jayne Potter, Marston (opposite the

Village Hall) or Izzi Hazelwood, 11 The Green

• The art should be visible from the road. Judging will take place on Friday 8th

September between 5.30pm & 7.30 pm. Please leave it on view for visitors to

the Show on Saturday 9th September.

• A prize for family/household entry and a prize for children’s entry (under 12)

Any questions? Phone Izzi on 661816 or Jayne on 663671

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