Welcome to our village

The Village Playground


The Parish Council is hoping to re-open the playground on Monday 6th July after 11 am.

There will be information posters at all the entrances to the playground.  Please read these before entering.

Please note the following:

•The parent/carer must be in the playground with the child/children - preferably just one adult.

•Please use hand sanitiser before entering and on leaving the playground.  For the time being you will need to bring your own.  We are buying a hand sanitiser to install on the car park gate but this may take time to arrive. Wash hands when you get home.

•We suggest taking antiseptic wipes with you: you may want to wipe down obvious areas your child will touch (e.g. horse handles, swing chains, table surfaces etc) before and after use.

•We are asking only residents of Stretton parish and the children in their care to use the playground so that we can identify anyone who may have had contact with a Covid19 sufferer.

•If there is a case of Covid19 confirmed in the parish the playground will be closed.  And we reserve the right to close it if we think there is a danger of transmission.

•If you find the playground busy, please come back later

•Consider not eating or drinking in the playground as this encourages children to eat and drink with hands that may be contaminated.

•We have put in place a risk assessment with the agreement of our insurance company and are satisfied that we have taken the necessary steps to safeguard you as far as possible. You use the playground at your own risk.

If you have any problems or questions please email:  [email protected] or phone the Parish Clerk on 01608 661157 if you have no email.


Stretton Coronavirus Action Plan (SCAP)


Are you worried about how the Coronavirus may make life difficult for you?  What happens if your family and friends who usually help are not able to?

We don’t want anyone in the community to feel isolated so we are setting up a Stretton-on-Fosse telephone and email helpline which you can use whenever you feel you need it.  If you are ill or self-isolating then here are some of the things we will try to help with:

•Food shopping

•Collecting prescriptions

•Just a chat on the phone to someone

•Signposting help for problems arising from this situation

The idea is to offer help and/or give you a specific person to contact for help – a ’buddy’.  If you already have a ‘buddy’ in Stretton let us know who it is.  

Can you help and become a buddy? If you already watch out for someone, let us know who, so we know that person already has help if needed.

We are calling ourselves SCAP (Stretton Coronavirus Action Plan)!

Please contact:  Izzi Hazelwood on 01608 661816 or [email protected]

                      or Jill Harrison on 07930 839176 or [email protected]

This is being organised through the Parish Council of Stretton-on-Fosse


The village is keen to help any individuals and families who are having difficulty buying food and other essentials due to delays in or lack of access to government payments.  If you would like some help please get in touch with either Izzi Hazelwood ([email protected], 01608 661816) or Jill Harrison ([email protected], 07930 839176) in  confidence.

For anyone looking for temporary paid work there are some options for manual work within walking distance of the village. Once again, please get in touch with Izzi or Jill.



There is a food bank in St Edmunds Church in Shipston, open from 10 till 12 on Tuesdays and Saturdays.  If you would like to visit it but have no transport please contact Izzi or Jill in confidence.  If you have items to donate to the Food Bank (no fresh product just now, thank you) please bring them to the village hall entrance on either Monday or Friday between 5 and 6pm,  It will then all be taken to Shipston on Saturday.


Hallo Everyone

We apologise for the gaps in sending out information - many of you did not get the info about veg boxes last Saturday (28/3/20) because BT decided (for the 7th time in a week) that we are sending out spam and blocking us.   We are trying to sort this problem out. If we are blocked again I will also post the info on the bus stop notice board and on Facebook. Can we ask those of you with neighbours not on the internet to let them know anything that might help them too.

We have now (from 31/3/20) started up a new (temporary) email for the Parish Council:  [email protected] until we get the BT problem sorted


What sources of food shopping are now available in the village:

1. The Veg Boxes can now be ordered online: for delivery on a Saturday.

2. Fresh Fish: every Tuesday at 11am in the village hall car-park Gary the fishman will turn up. Cash only.

3. Meat: Walkers the Butchers in Moreton has offered to deliver to houses in the village on a Wednesday, starting this Wednesday. Orders have to be in by Tuesday afternoon. Phone him on: 01608 651002