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Parish Council meeting minutes and accounts

PARISH COUNCILLORS:  Isobel Hazelwood (Chairman) 01608 661816; Penny White (Vice-Chair) 663811: Keith Finlay 661157; Chris Long-Leather 663863; Peter Balchin 664149; Sue Finlay (Parish Clerk) 661157


DISTRICT COUNCILLOR: Jo Barker  077489 68712

COUNTY COUNCILLOR:  Christopher Saint  01608 662290



A meeting of Stretton-on-Fosse Parish Council will be held on Monday 8 May village hall at 7.00 p.m. 


AGM  Agenda


AGM. 2017.1. Apologies


AGM. 2017.2. Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman for 2014/15


AGM. 2017.3. Approval of minutes of last meeting


AGM. 2017.4. Report on Capital Assets

Assets held at 31.03.17

Playground equipment12,460

Bus shelter (insurance value)3000

Memorial seat591

Seats (3)200

Areas of land designated village green9

Road salt containers (8)1937

Signposts and signs111

Parish computer equipment500

Fire proof filing cabinet540

BAP equipment1128

Allotments shed2328



Annual Parish Assembly


The assembly will be held following the AGM at approximately 7.25 p.m.


APA.2017.1. Apologies


APA.2017.2. Approval of minutes of last meeting


APA.2017.3 Finance


To be deferred until ordinary meeting


APA.2017.4. Parish Council Chairman's report


APA.2017.5. Village Reports


Stretton Biodiversity Group: Report for 2015 / 2016


APA.2017.6. Gardening club report


A meeting of Stretton-on-Fosse ParishCouncilwill be held in the village hall at 7.30 p.m. 


M17.09. Apologies


M17.10. Approval of minutes of last meeting


M17.11. Matters arising




M17.12. Finance

(a) Accounts since last meeting

(b) Approval of Annual accounts

(c) Appointment of Kenneth Dunn as internal auditor

(d) Approval and signing of Section 1 of the Annual Audit form

(e) Approval and signing of Section 2 of the Annual Audit form


M17.13. Planning applications


16_04000_LBC, Court Lodge, Orangery

16/02935/LBC Town Farm, amended rear extension

16/02934/FUL Town Farm  

16_03717_FUL, 7 The Sharries, driveway

17/00275/TREE The Barn

17/00454/LBC Court Lodge, Loft conversion (amended 15/3/17


17_00445_LBP, Julia Hunter-Anderson, Lawful development consent

16/03901/FUL, Pitstop café, Change of use and groundworks


M17.14. Correspondence

Assorted emails, all forwarded.


M17.15. AOB Emergency committee


M17.16. Council reports.


M17.17. Date of next meeting

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