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Parish Council meeting minutes and accounts

PARISH COUNCILLORS:  Isobel Hazelwood (Chairman) 01608 661816; Penny White (Vice-Chair) 663811: Keith Finlay 661157; Chris Long-Leather 663863; Peter Balchin 664149; Sue Finlay (Parish Clerk) 661157


DISTRICT COUNCILLOR: Jo Barker  077489 68712




A meeting of Stretton-on-Fosse ParishCouncilwill be held in the village hall on 8 November 2017 at 7.30 p.m.


M17.27. Apologies


M17.28. Approval of minutes of last meeting


M17.29. Matters arising



Emergency committee




Play area



M17.30. Finance


M17.31. Planning applications


17/0000/FUL, Pitstop café, Change of use and groundworks: Councillor Hazelwood reported that the planning committee meeting she had just attended had approved this, subject to the landscaping being carried out, as specified.



M17.32. Correspondence


M17.33. AOB


M17.34. Council reports.


M17.26. Date of next meeting



NB The below minutes are all draft minutes until passed as correct at the next meeting


Stretton-on-Fosse Parish Council

Annual Parish Assembly


The assembly was held on 8 May 2017 at Stretton-on-Fosse Village Hall following the AGM at approximately 7.03 p.m.  


APA.2017.1. Apologies

Apologies were received from Councillor Barker.



APA.2017.2. Approval of minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.



APA.2017.3 Finance

Deferred until ordinary meeting


APA.2017.4. Parish Council Chairman's report

To begin with the good news:  Compton Scorpion Estate has been improving the public footpaths (new sign posts and kissing gates) over the last few months north of the village.  This is partly in response to the meeting between the estate manager and the parish council to deal with where we can and cannot walk.  There is a map on the bus stop notice board showing the public footpaths.  We have installed an additional dog bin at the top of the village which is being well-used.  

Our finances are in a good state (see the website for the annual accounts), although we have not increased our precept for several years now.  There will be more demands on our finances over the next few years when we need to employ a new company to mow the green and the playing field.  Stan has been doing a fantastic job for quite a few years and is retiring.  We will also have to look at replacing the wooden structures in the play area over the next few years – a major fund-raising task for the village!  

Not so positive has been the seemingly never-ending wait for the start to building the 5 housing association houses at the end of Harolds Orchard.  It has taken nearly 4 years to get to the point where the public footpath has been moved a few yards to the south and Warwickshire Highways have adopted the road and pavements of Harolds Orchard.  Miracles may yet happen …

The road-works planned for Portabello crossroads (to improve safety) may start soon, having been planned to start this March.  

There have been several contentious planning matters this last year.  Some of the problems could possibly have been avoided if the applicants had spoken to their neighbours to explain what they were planning to do and how.  We do not always respond positively or negatively to every planning application if it seems non-contentious (e.g. a conifer being removed in a garden), but if you would like us to make a comment then please contact us.  We make our comments, not with reference to our particular likes or dislikes, but looking at the effect on the parish as a whole – especially visually—and considering the conservation areas.  

We want this village to be a great place to move to and, more important, to stay in.  There are lots of activities happening in the village from the Toddler Group, to community chickens and bees, to classes like Tai Chi, dance, and pilates in the hall, a flourishing pub, May Day, Cream Teas, Greenfingers (gardening) club, Bio-diversity group, the Silver Club, etc.  

We try to keep people informed about the parish.  Email is the easiest method for us and we do deliver some material to houses with no email but, practically, we can’t put every notice through doors so keep an eye on the noticeboards and feel free to contact one of the parish council or Sue Finlay, the parish clerk, if you have an issue to discuss.

Finally, my thanks to the members of the parish council for their support and work and especially to the parish clerk, Sue Finlay.  Chris Saint, who has been our county councillor for many years has retired from this post and we are very grateful for all the work he has done for us.


APA.2017.5. Village Reports

Stretton Biodiversity Group: Report for 2015 / 2016


APA.2017.6. Gardening club report



The AGM of the Stretton-on-Fosse Parish Council was held in the village hall on 8 May 2017 at 7.00 p.m.


AGM. 2017.1. Apologies


Apologies were received from Councillor Barker.


AGM. 2017.2. Election of Chairman and Vice Chairman for 2017/18


Chair: Councillor Hazelwood proposed by Councillor Finlay, seconded by Councillor Balchin. Approved


Vice-Chair: Councillor White, proposed by Councillor Hazelwood, seconded by Councillor Finlay. Approved


AGM. 2017.3. Approval of minutes of last meeting


The minutes of the last meeting were read and approved.


AGM. 2017.4. Report on Capital Assets


Assets held at 31.03.17


Playground equipment 12,460


Bus shelter (insurance value) 3000


Memorial seat 591


Seats (3) 200


Areas of land designated village green 9


Road salt containers (8) 1937


Signposts and signs 111


Parish computer equipment 500


Fire proof filing cabinet 540


BAP equipment 1128


Allotments shed 2328


Total 22804


An ordinary meeting of Stretton-on-Fosse ParishCouncil was held in the village hall on 8 May 2017 at 7.15 p.m


M17.09. Apologies


Apologies were received from Councillor Barker


M17.10. Approval of minutes of last meeting


The minutes of the meeting held on 9 January were read and approved


M17.11. Matters arising


Portobellocrossroads There is no further update to this although it was possible that work would commence within the next 3 months


Harolds Orchard The re-siting of the footpath has now been agreed; Highways have adopted the existing road. Councillor Hazelwood agreed to contact Grevayne and find out if any further progress was imminent.


M17.12. Finance


(a) Accounts since last meeting


The account since the last meeting were examined and approved


(b) Approval of Annual accounts


The annual accounts were examined and approved. Councillor Longleather asked whether the previous years could be included for comparison. The clerk said a separate set could be done in this way, but could not be submitted with the audit, as they had not been requested and under new rules, any unsolicited material submitted would be charged.


(c) Appointment of Kenneth Dunn as internal auditor


The appointment of ken Dunn as the internal auditor was approved.


(d) Approval and signing of Section 1 of the Annual Audit form


Section 1 was approved and signed


(e) Approval and signing of Section 2 of the Annual Audit form


Section 2 was approved and signed


M17.13. Planning applications




16/03901/FUL, Pitstop café, Change of use and groundworks


17/00452/FUL Court Lodge, Loft conversion


17/00454/LBC Court Lodge, Loft conversion (amended 15/3/17)




16_04000_LBC, Court Lodge, Orangery


16/02935/LBC Town Farm, amended rear extension


16/02934/FUL Town Farm


16_03717_FUL, 7 The Sharries, driveway


17/00275/TREE The Barn




17_00445_LBP, Julia Hunter-Anderson, Lawful development consent


16/03901/FUL, Pitstop café, Change of use and groundworks—Councillor Hazelwood had attended the Committee meeting where this was discussed. The committee’s main objection seemed to be with regard to the appearance of the site. The clerk had contacted the enforcement officer for an update but was told that, as the applicant had expressed the intention to appeal, no further action could be taken until October, although no appeal had yet been lodged. Councillor Hazelwood had contacted the agent, who informed her that he would be re-applying shortly, amending the plans with regards the fencing, to a more rural type. He also intended to address the other issues raised at committee. They also intend to appeal, but he had also advised his client to put the property on the market as this might help an appeal.


M17.14. Correspondence


Assorted emails, all forwarded.


Grants for play areas – to be considered later


Shipston police reports – There had been a marked increase in thefts from sheds. Councillor Balchin had heard of the use of drones by thieves in order to ‘case’ a farm beforehand.


M17.15. AOB


Emergency committee It was felt that, due to ill-health and age the emergency committee needed to look for some younger members. They would need a good knowledge of the village and organizational skills. It was decided that this should be considered at a later meeting.


Cottage Farm Court Councillor Longleather reported that there had been complaints from residents about vehicles parking on the verge outside and making a mess there. Residents had tried various remedial work, but it was suggested that had core, with a gravel top-dressing would be best. Councillor Hazelwood proposed that the council pay for the gravel top-dressing and this was approved. It was noted that No. 1 appeared to have claimed the verge as part of their property and put stones along. However, the legality of this ownership was a subject of doubt.


Hedgehogs Owing to the increased numbers of Hedgehogs appearing in the village there had been a request for signage. However, it was not felt that it warranted the expenditure.


Noticeboards Councillor Hazelwood felt that signs were needed for the noticeboards and agreed to obtain some quotes.


Parking Councillor Longleather had noted vehicles parking on the pavements and blocking them. The problems of parking on the bend were noted and Councillor Hazelwood suggested use of the slip system, whereby a note would be put under offending vehicle wipers. And if this did not help then perhaps the police would need to be informed.


M17.16. Council reports.




M17.17. Date of next meeting


The next meeting was arranged for 23 August 2017 at 7.30 p.m.

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